Celebrating Bletchley Park is very grateful to the event sponsors, some of whom have chosen to remain anonymous. However, these businesses shown below have become partners to help bring this unique weekend to the widest possible audience. Please read about them; consider the assistance they have given to preserving Bletchley Park’s history in living memory; and visit their websites.

In no particular order:

Viprinet® UK — Wired Broadcast Ltd.

By using state-of-the-art encryption techniques that have their roots in the pioneering work of Bletchley Park, Viprinet provides viprinet-logosecure, mission-critical connectivity for today’s civil and military defence infrastructure, as well as for numerous commercial applications.

Viprinet designs and manufactures VPN (Virtual Private Network) bonding routers that combine multiple domestic-grade internet connections (such as ADSL, Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G) into a single high-speed, highly resilient network connection. Using Viprinet technology, fast, secure and reliable IP connectivity between remote sites can be established immediately and on-demand, simply by making use of existing fixed or mobile internet connections.

Viprinet’s exclusive UK Distributor, Wired Broadcast Ltd, is proud to sponsor Celebrating Bletchley Park.


BexonAllomax is a Well Operations and Personnel subcontracting service, working with operating companies in the upstream oil & gas industry. They specialise in Well Engineering and associated HSE and Supply Chain disciplines. In 2014 Allomax Associates merged with Bexon Search & Service and now trades as BexonAllomax. The two companies together combine two extensive networks of consultants with capable systems for managing the selection of qualified engineers, and access to Sysmax’s comprehensive suite of management tools.

Representatives from BexonAllomax will be present at Celebrating Bletchley Park if you have questions about modern petroleum exploration and development, including deepwater and land-based conventional drilling.

St. Anne’s Galleries — Supporting Sussex Artists

The prestigious St Anne’s Galleries of Lewes, East Sussex has become a sponsor stannes_representingsussexartists_logoof Celebrating Bletchley Park. St Anne’s will be displaying for sale a carefully-chosen selection of fine art from their recent exhibition Into the Woods and donating 10% of any sales on the weekend to the Westminster and Chelsea branch of Save the Children, the event’s charity partner.

Symposium Fine Wines

Symposium is a high-quality wine merchant and boutique wine bar, located in Lansdown Place in Lewes. As of March 2016, it is rated as No. 1 for Lewessymposium-logo-low “Nightlife” in TripAdvisor. Symposium’s highly-trained and experienced owners have a pro-active approach to discovering and stocking fine wines from many regions at competitive prices. There is also a special emphasis on products from Sussex and nearby, including spirits as well as local wines.

An important feature of Symposium is that customers in the wine bar can choose not only from the carefully-curated selection of excellent wines available by the glass, but also can enjoy any bottle from the shop for a flat-rate £6 corkage charge. This makes time at Symposium an extraordinarily economic way of sharing drinks with friends or colleagues.

The Charleston Trust

For much assistance given to this event, we are proud to call The Charleston Trust one of our sponsors.

This year is Charleston’s Centenary — the 100th anniversary of artists Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant coming to live in Sussex, on the recommendation of Virginia Woolf. Duncan Grant and David Garnett needed a rural base in order to undertake farm labour, a requirement for conscientious objectors in WW1.

From the word go, Charleston was a place of dissent and debate as well as creativity and conviviality. The Festival, now in its 27th year, has always tried to reflect these values.

The full festival programme this year, 2016, runs to an extra two days, and will include a celebratory dinner with H.R.H. Princess Michael of Kent.