PAUL KELLAR MBE is a leading member of the Bombe Restoration Project, that rebuilt, maintains and runs the famous code-breaking machine.

Alan Turing’s singular advances in mathematics and computing P-R-N-Kellarenabled Bletchley Park cryptographers to break the “Enigma” codes on a daily basis, but his work was so secret that his machines were broken up after the War. However, the Bombe Restoration Project team was able to find enough remaining notes to rebuild an exact working replica, which now runs daily for visitors to Bletchley Park. In doing this, it searches for Enigma keys exactly as Turing and Welchman’s Bombe did during World War II.

The machine reconstructed by this team has been proven correct in numerous tests carried out by the modern-day GCHQ.

Until his retirement, Paul was research director of the digital television equipment maker Quantel, and he has at least 33 patents in his name.

The Bombe is rather too heavy to transport outside the huts of Bletchley Park but, at this event, Paul will demonstrate the Checking Machine, a vital part of the Bombe. He will also talk extensively about Enigma and how its codes were broken.

Paul’s appearance at this weekend is sponsored by the Taylor Kellar Partership, whose website is

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